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Learn about the journey that awaits in The Last Campfire from the game’s designer, Steve Burgess

Embark on the journey of a lost Ember, trapped in a puzzling place and searching for a way home. Designer Steve Burgess takes us deeper into the lands beyond the dark forest, explaining some of the world that lies ahead in The Last Campfire.

Can you describe the game for readers that may not have heard of it?

The Last Campfire is a puzzling adventure game where you play as a character called Ember who is lost in a strange world and is searching for a way home. It’s a mix of exploration, adventure, and tactile puzzle solving.

What was the inspiration behind The Last Campfire?

Our team grew up with a deep fondness of folktales, especially children's books illustrated by Brian Froud (whose later fantasy work would continue to influence us in a fundamental way). In those storybooks, each page felt like it hid a secret that only you could see. That aspect of peering into another world appeals to me on some deep level.

We wanted The Last Campfire to feel like its own intimate world. Each area you stumble across has something to discover: a puzzle, a character, a secret that lets you into the mystery of the world.

How did you all decide on the art style for the game?

The art in the Last Campfire is all created by Chris Symonds. He was the lead artist on LostWinds, a game which we both helped to create back in 2008. In fact, we’ve worked together for nearly 15 years now, and his style has always been something I really love. Honestly, I don’t know how he does it... but somehow, he manages to create really beautiful, charming worlds and characters that make our games come alive.

Can you talk a little more about the characters you’ll meet in the game? What is the main character like?

Each of the characters you meet on the adventure has a sadness which has caused them to turn forlorn. As Ember, you can try to help them deal with this sadness through compassionate actions to restore their hope.

Ember is a little more mysterious. They definitely have a determined spirit, but the only thing we know about them is that they are searching for a way home, and this search will lead them to the Last Campfire.

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