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Get down with the sounds of Streets of Rage 4 with the game’s executive producer

You lookin’ for a brawl? The classic side-scrolling beat-‘em-up is back with Streets of Rage 4! Executive Producer Cyrille Imbert gets us ready to take back the streets to some funky beats.

Press Start

Hey everyone! I’m Cyrille Imbert, the Executive Producer of Streets of Rage 4.

Streets of Rage enjoyed huge success back in the day because of three core elements: high-quality gameplay, amazing art direction, and an outstanding soundtrack.

This is what we hoped to create with Streets of Rage 4. With a band of vigilantes, led by the iconic Blaze and Axel, you’ll roam the streets of Wood Oak City to fight crime and corruption with your bare fists, once more bringing peace to its citizens.

The beats and the beat

For me, one of the most amazing experiences working on Streets of Rage 4 was learning about the strategy and the people behind the original soundtrack. The music always had a central role in the game series, and we had to be up to the task.

The first idea was to have a main composer who would bring harmony and coherence throughout the game. Olivier Deriviere is not only a great composer and a fan of electronic music, but he also completely understands the relationship between music and gameplay—which is vital for a Streets of Rage game. Deriviere approached the progression of the game as a DJ set. He tried to start with something that was a little more downbeat and slower, and then, as you progress, the music reflects the sense of adrenaline and urgency.

Our goal was also to have different Eastern and Western influences, so we had the original composers, Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima, take care of the “essential” tracks—certain boss fights, important themes, certain levels, etc. The idea was to have part of the soul from the original titles, mixed with their current style.

We also had lots of other talented artists who represent the best of classic and modern video game music, like Yoko Shimomura and Däs Mortal, as well as contemporary musicians who never composed for a video game before, like Groundislava. Each had a specific moment of the game to interpret with their own vision and transcribe into music. We sent each composer a scene from the game, with story elements and general indications about the atmosphere and characters, then we just let them work their magic. Receiving their tracks one by one was like Christmas every time.

Thank you

All in all, working on a game like Streets of Rage 4 has been an incredible experience. There was a lot of pressure, hard decisions, and doubts, but in the end—thanks to the support of the fan community, the feedback we received, and the talent of each team member—I think we managed to create something unique. And we really hope that you guys enjoy it!

Grand Uppa!

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