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Get ready for the strategic card battles of Faeria with the game’s creative director

Get ready to experience a different kind of strategic card game! Build exciting decks and shape the battlefield as you fight for domination in Faeria. Jean-Michel Vilain, CEO of Abrakam and creative director for the game, prepares us for the upcoming battle for control.

Can you describe the game for our readers?

Faeria is a strategy game, mixed with a card game, mixed with a board game. It takes place in an original fantasy universe on what we call a “living board,” which means each player builds the landscape as they go.

What was your inspiration for creating Faeria?

The core design of Faeria started decades ago as a board game, of all things. Faeria was first designed this way and evolved organically over time into what it is now. We were inspired to add cards to the game years into its development at a time when Magic Online was the only popular digital card game. The major gameplay inspirations behind Faeria are Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Magic: The Gathering, of course. Thematically, we were inspired by settings like Celtic fairy tales and the artwork of Hayao Miyazaki, both of which inspired our fresh take on how to visualize sprites and faeries.

What would you say the underlying theme for Faeria is?

Fostering player creativity. Facing and solving this challenge has been the key motivation from the very start. Strong player expressivity is always great in games, and can be achieved in many different ways. When you're very careful about not limiting players, they can start to create, develop their own mastery of the game, and in the end build up their own attachment with the game.

Can you tell us how the terrain ties into the gameplay?

Each game starts on a completely empty ocean. It’s up to the players to build the terrain around them, where once there was nothing.

The lands you build—be they mountains, forests, deserts, or lakes—dictate the type of cards you are able to play, and therefore the types of decks you are able to craft. It is up to you how many lands and of what type you want to build.

Do you want to summon big giant tree creatures? You’re going to need a lot of forests. Want to jump around with some frogs? Make some lakes. Devils shooting fireballs? Mountains.

You can even combine any combination of colors. You can make mountains and lakes to summon a fire-breathing frog, for example.

So, in summary the terrain ties directly into the gameplay, and literally defines it.

Is the game approachable for people who have never played a card game before, or is it more meant for experienced players? Do you have any advice for players completely new to the genre?

Yes, Faeria is much broader in scope than a card game. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys strategy or tactical games.

We've spent tremendous effort on making sure Faeria could be easy to pick up. There are over a hundred hours of single-player content that slowly teach you every aspect of the game, before you can go test yourself in the player-vs-player* (PvP) matchmaking.

*Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply.

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  • Mild Fantasy Violence

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