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Get ready to Exit the Gungeon with the game’s designer

The Gungeon has become a paradox and is collapsing! Luckily, the game’s designer David Crooks is here to prepare us for our reentry into the Gungeonverse.

Can you describe the game for folks that may not have heard of it?

Exit the Gungeon is a spin-off/follow-up to our bullet hell dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon, which released on Nintendo Switch™ at the end of 2017. Exit the Gungeon takes place immediately after the events of the first game, the Gungeoneers having found the legendary “The Gun That Can Kill The Past” and erased their past transgressions. Now, the Gungeon itself is collapsing under a paradox and they must flee upwards through a convenient system of elevators, battling the remaining Gundead and other obstacles along the way.

Why did the team decide to return to the Gungeonverse?

Enter the Gungeon was born from silly ideas and goofy puns (we actually had the title before even having a game concept), and during that game’s development our team had always pondered the idea of how our heroes would leave the Gungeon once they found what they were looking for. We loved the idea that after all of what you went through in the game that the way out would be as simple as an elevator. After meeting Singlecore Games (our co-development partner on Exit the Gungeon) we merged some of the ideas in another game they had and found a way to continue this saga, complete the journey of the Gungeoneer’s escape, and still have a variation on the original’s gameplay that felt fresh enough to stand alone.

Do people need to play Enter the Gungeon to understand what’s going on in Exit the Gungeon?

Playing Enter the Gungeon isn’t a requirement for enjoying Exit the Gungeon, but there are a lot of callbacks, fan service, and bits of lore that veteran Gungeon fans will enjoy. That said, our team went the extra mile to make sure that players that had never played the original game would understand all the mechanics, features, etc., and not feel like they were missing out on a larger experience.

What are some of the biggest differences between Exit the Gungeon and its predecessor, Enter the Gungeon? Why did the team decide to change the gameplay style from the first game?

While the base level bullet hell roguelite mechanics are similar, there has been a considerable amount of time and effort put into adjusting the gameplay for the most apparent change—the side perspective. While the original relied solely on the dodge roll to avoid incoming projectiles, by making Exit the Gungeon a side-scrolling game it expanded the gameplay options to include a jump and a fall in addition to the standard horizontal dodge roll. Similarly, the rooms themselves are mostly moving up, which gives us a chance to introduce vertically oriented combat, different enemy placement and approaches, and more while still mixing in things like static rooms, horizontally scrolling sequences, etc. to keep the game always feeling fresh.

Is there a favorite new weapon that you can talk about?

For new weapons, the Flying Disc is really fun to use, particularly with effects that let you fire more than one projectile at a time. That said, there are a lot of weapons from Enter the Gungeon that return in completely new forms—changing to a side-scrolling perspective required redesigning a lot of the base guns, too. In particular, any weapons that can make use of having gravity, like the Anvillain or the Grenade Launcher are standouts for me.

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  • Mild Language

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